Glycine: Airman Airfighter–Baselworld 2016

Watch outside the Mass

Those who like to move something outside the crowd can clearly stand out with the charismatic Airman Airfigther of Glycine. From its tradition, the brand Baselworld 2016 launches a watch with three individually adjustable time zones.

The second time zone is located on the luminescent inner bezel and is read via a dynamic GMT pointer with a white triangle tip in the 24 hour rhythm. The pointer can be easily operated by the crown. The third time zone is determined by means of the Airman-typical 24-hour rotating bezel. This can be done after the lock has been loosened over the crown at four o’clock. The stage for the interaction of the three time zones forms a dark dial, above which pointers with luminous peaks and luminous indices clearly stand out. All this behind a double-sided sapphire crystal. The whole is surrounded by an imposing 46-millimeter enclosure. The decorated automatic caliber ETA 7754 works inside. It has a chronograph mechanism that can be perfectly operated with the thumb of the right hand by a sliding push button on the left. The timepiece is finished with leather strap and folding clasp. It is available with two different bezels – in stainless steel or PVD-black – for 3,990 euros. For collectors an 18 carat gold version is also offered, limited to 101 pieces. Mari

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