Gifts Ordered More Original (There Is Life More Beyond of Rings and Watches)

The Weddings mean time of gifts. Theand are not only wedding gifts Traditional, Neither the details for guests… Are also the the loss of hand gifts, that long ago already that theand are no longer limited to the ring for her and the Watch for it. Do you need ideas? Here are our favourites:

Retro bicycles

For brides is a bit more complicated, but one of the most original of which the bride and groom come to the ceremony is mounted on a vintage bike. In addition, it is a gift that is not limited to the day of the ceremony: enjoy it before and after, because do not like who enjoy the outdoors do riding bike?

De-stressing getaway

If we have something clear is that the months prior to the wedding theand are a accumulation of stress for the bride and groom. And, probably, unique trip you have in mind is their own honeymoon. A good gift would be to make them a simple getaway, with everything ready, to not add them extra tasks, but ideal for that you disconnect all for a couple of days.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

Sure that the bride and groom have already thought the type of photos and videos they want to for the ceremonand and, even, it is common to include some informal photos days prior. But, why not include us us, his best friends, in this idea? A professional photo shoot, with a fun point, will be an unforgettable memory.

Beauty treatments

Almost any aesthetic Center offers personalized bridal services. We can choose the treatment that best fit our budget, or even agree with the center that the bride can do all the hair and makeup tests that you want to. And, watch out! Let us not forget the groom: He will also want to prepare for the occasion.

Course of dance

In the ideal world of the movies, the couple opened the Bridal dance with graceful movements between the excited eyes of the guests. But… all we have seen in real life some couples pass the trouble of their lives, moving like Dizzy ducks. A few dance sessions they can be an excellent idea so they surprised everyone, well, when all eyes are placed in them.

Personalized book

Already there are different companies that are in charge of write a personalized love story, as 1000historias or tales of wedding. You can choose different options: the story their love story, an adventure graciosa on the wedding preparations or the novels of the lives of both until their paths is put together. Any of them, no doubt, will win a place of honor on the shelves.

Personal trainer

All the bride and groom want to get in shape for the big day. It is like an operation bikini raised to infinity. A few sessions with a personal trainer will help you to prepare in a healthy way, as well as helping them to combat stress and a enjoy together a daily moment of sport.

A custom portrait

If you want to search the originality in the gift, a good option would be to search to a painter of portraits It Immortalizes the bride and groom in the way that they prefer, more classical or more modern. It is even possible that the painter is present the day of the wedding to collect the details of the ceremony from a different point of view the photographers, as como veiamos we saw a few weeks ago for wedding ideas that we find on Pinterest.

Craft workshops

There are a thousand different options: basketry, floral decoration, textile painting… Not onland are a fantastic idea for de-stressing, but that can accompany the bride and enjoy of the activitand among friends. And, best of all, the fruits that give the workshops can be use in the wedding. Sure, for the bride and groom, a special moment will be give to the guests espadrilles hand-painted, create handmade centerpieces or make with their own hands details for guests.

A camera to capture the best moments

In a wedding, all took photos: the family, the friends, the photographers hired… But, Why not boyfriends? With the Ricoh Camera, for example, will give them the possibility of immortalize the most unforgettable moments of your big day in a different format, and share with us the results.

Wedding planner

If I want to the bride and groom to relax really, What could be better to hire a wedding planner who download them heavier tasks to them? A few months ago I had the advantages of having a professional who will take care of organize the ceremony. If the bride and groom have not just decide or escapes budget, insurance which will appreciate that we do it for them.