Garmin Tactix Bravo: The Smartwatch Will Survive Even Military Action

The Garmin Tactix Bravo promotes a fitness of a special kind: whilecompeting Smartwatch manufacturers for their products usually advertise with communication features and sports features, the Garmin watch 2016 presented at the CES should possess different qualities- which can be vital for a professional group.
The strengths of the Garmin Tactix Bravo to show up particularly inmilitary use, as reported by Mashable. Through its robust casing tothe Smartwatch be not only dirt and shock resistant, but water pressure withstand even a dive at up to 10 ATM. This would correspond to a depth of about 100 meters. Thus the military personnel training hardly matter to be concerned about, that it cause any damage to the Smartwatch.
Transflective Display even in bright sunlight readable
The round Transflective screen is still legible in direct sunlight, as well as at night. A built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver provides the carrierwith precise location data. Also in unknown territory, the user during the manoeuvre is rightly so. However, the GPS receiver consumescomparatively strongly on the battery: while the Garmin Tactix a term of up to six weeks to provide Bravo with off site provision, shortened the time for GPS use on about 20 hours. In comparison to other Smartwatch models that hold only about a day even without GPS reception, both run-time values can have but see.
The Garmin Tactix contains except the location Bravo also activity programs for military training. In addition to these special features, the clock can show among other things also E-Mails and messages and answer calls. The robust Smartwatch 699,99 euros and should be in the first quarter of 2016 to have.