Garmin Quatix 3: New Smartwatch for Fishermen and Sailors

The market for Smartwatches is still relatively in its infancy, however, have already begun the first manufacturer to bring models for specific target groups on the market. The Garmin Tactix Bravo, for example, has set completely on Marines and soldiers.

Garmin Quatix 3: Model for fishing & sailing

Now another model was presented with the Garmin Quatix 3, that should appeal to a specific target group. In this case all sailors and fishermen, regardless of whether they are hobby or professional. Appropriately designed the Quatix 3 with any functions.

For example, this sailing speed, water depth, temperature and wind speed can display, so that the sailor has all important values in mind. For anglers, there is among other things a logbook for caught fish as well as an ad for the gap until the end of the line.

Price & availability of the Garmin Quatix 3

Like Briston watches, the Garmin Quatix 3 towards the end of the first quarter, what will make a sales start March 2016 the likely solution is to come on the market. Price seen is the Smartwatch for fishermen and sailors at around $ 600 than MSRP.