Doro Secure 480: Smartwatch for People with Dementia

Smartwatches can have many benefits, mostly these are intended, but as an accessory that can be used for example to the own progress in sports to track. The new Doro secure 480 shows that Smartwatches may have but also a practical use in the field of health.

Doro Secure 480 Smartwatch for People with Dementia 1

Doro secure 480: Specially designed for people with dementia

It was founded by Doro along with the CareTech GmbH and various experts designed specifically to meet the needs for dementia patients to be adapted. This is reflected among other things in an integrated GPS module, to allow a light to find missing patients via tracking.

Doro Secure 480 Smartwatch for People with Dementia 2

Aim of the company is to provide dementia with the Doro secure 480 more freedoms and to relax the restrictions in everyday life. For example, members can be reassured if ill make a walk in the surrounding area, since these can be found on the Smartwatch like Samsung Gear 2 reviewed by

Doro Secure 480 Smartwatch for People with Dementia 3

Launch of the Smartwatch on 01 March 2016

The official sales launch of the Doro secure 480 is scheduled on March 01, 2016, technical details and a price are not yet known. This was mentioned but by the manufacturer, that the Smartwatch once more en detail will be shown during the geriatric nurses fair from 08 to 10 March in Hannover.