Development: Oneplus 3 Appears Without Smartwatch

The design of the wearables already stood: OnePlus CEO and co-founder Pete LAU according to the Wall Street Journal in an interviewthe end of planned Smartwatch said. The OnePlus 3 should appearwithout an accompanying wearable. LAU according to have his company decided to do so, to reject the project, although the design phase was completed.
As stated, the CEO must OnePlus “focused remain”. This may meanthat we have to expect no other products except smartphones by the manufacturer in the near future. On June 14, 2016 is with the OnePlus 3 presents the next high end Smartphone and directly into theconnector in the sale. For the first time, OnePlus would like to renounce on the elaborate invitation system and provide sufficiently manycopies directly to the start for his customers.
Apple learned?
The first leaks of the so-called OneWatch are now almost two yearsold – and at that time was a real hype around Smartwatches, whichwith at least an own model as well as any Smartphone manufacturers followed. At the latest since the Apple Watch on the market, seems clear but that the smart watches such as Smartphones reach stillnot nearly as high sales figures. Also, Apple’s large-scale experiments with sport and luxury models remained in probably significantlyshort of expectations.
Probably OnePlus decided therefore, to discard the own Smartwatch and instead for the time being continue to focus with the OnePlus3 on the Smartphone business. According to rumors the OneWatchshould get a titanium case, as well as an OLED display protected bysapphire glass. More exciting features, which were said to have thewatch, was a curved battery in the bracelet, probably an above-average runtime would have catered for the.