Darth Vader Has His Watch Star Wars and Costs More Than 25,000 Euros

Lives not only toy merchandising technology of Star Wars, There is also space for luxury watches, which we can not get into the world of the smartwatches, but we can well spend a few lines for their exaggerated design, made by the boys of Devon Works.

It’s an American watchmaker, which licensed Disney/Lucasfilm, It has decided to interpret one of the flashiest models, Devon Tread. To the Star Wars by Devon they have got all the inspiration in the Galactic saga have been able, both which almost goes to play with the costumes of Darth Vader.

Is not a smartwatch, “Star Wars by Devon” is a luxury watch

Its presentation took place using the “Force Friday”, making us it clear that it is a unit of limited in that only put 500 watches in circulation.

The price of the gift amounts to the 28,500 dollars, and as you can see in the images, it comes within a box inspired by the Tie Fighter saga.

In terms of design details that make allusions to the saga, We have a few sides that look like wings of a fighter of the dark side, also we have the logo of the Empire on the wheel, even see details that remind us of the Vader helmet.

We have high quality materials used in aviation, glass-reinforced nylon webbing. You can see it in more detail in the following Gallery:

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On the basis of the Devon Tread

That looks like a watch exaggerated in size, and ways should know that it is not too different from the models on which it is based. The Devon Tread 1 and 2 already they have a very similar look – some would say that Steampunk-, and stand out for having printed ribbons to indicate hours, minutes and seconds.