Choose His Smart Watch

What time is it? The Watch has long had for single use to answer this question, that torments us the spirit to… regular hours during the day. Beyond that, the watch is a true fashion accessory, that you wear as a bracelet. But when the high-tech manufacturers are addressing the heard, they become… smart!


Welcome to the world of the connected watch or smartwatches: of true jewels of technology on your wrist. She assumes a futuristic or displays a discretion that confuses it with a more traditional model, the smart watch brings innovative features. Connected to your smartphone, it manages your calls and SMS without coming out of your Pocket! With a GPS and multiple sensors, she accompanies you in outings and physical activity is improvising sports coach. The smartwatch is a drive in your high-tech environment, to film, photograph, or listen to your favorite content on your tablet. Discover the extent of the possibilities offered by the smartwatches, in order to choose the model most suited to your needs.



Any connected watch tells the time, is it still need to remind… However, the time display may vary depending on the models and options. You can prefer the digital format, or opt for the analog and needles!


Call management

A smart watch can directly integrate a SIM card, the image of the TrueSmart of Omate or MegaWatch of sync Digital. The majority of models, however, supports calls via a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. You can simply be notified of an incoming call, but it is also possible to see the contact number that trying to reach you. Equipped with a built-in microphone and a speaker smartwatches allow you to take the call. With more sophisticated models, you with access to your directory to go directly from the outgoing calls, and you can also view the call history. Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can use a headset for your communications.



n being connected to your smartphone, the smartwatch accesses all of its features. SMS, emails, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), calendar, clock/alarms… Depending on the model, you can be notified or directly view a new message or a new alert. Practical, the smartwatch can also notify you the State of the battery of your smartphone or tablet when it is unloaded. It can also alert you when your mobile device is out of reach, and even help you find when you have lost!


Photo/video camera

Some connected Watch (Samsung Galaxy Gear, sync Digital MegaWatch, Omate TrueSmart) have a camera to take pictures or capture videos. You can then share them on social networks or transfer by MMS or email.


Audio player

The majority of smartwatches has a media player that can play your audio files. Playing the songs stored on your smartphone, Tablet, or your computer, either by directly accessing the audio files in its internal memory. Listen to your playlist with the speaker, or with your headphones!


Voice recorder

Several connected Watch have the voice recorder function to record voice memos. Useful for Miss nothing of an important conversation or to capture the first word of your baby, this feature allows you to easily record small audio files on your smartwatch.


Voice Assistant

Your smart watch communicates with smartphone via Bluetooth, but you can talk directly with your voice! ZeNano of MyKronoz uses Apple’s Siri to interpret your voice commands, while The Samsung Galaxy Gear incorporates S Voice. Ideal to view your notifications or information…



Use your smartwatch as sports coach with his pedometer feature: thus, it measures your distance and speed. Crucial information during your sessions for outings by bicycle or jogging.



A smart watch equipped with a GPS chip lets pinpoint you on a map while traveling. This data is particularly used by models dedicated to sport, to see your route.



Silicone, leather, metal… The material of the a connected watch bracelet has two dimensions: the comfort and design. Comfort is a matter of feeling, because everyone reacts differently to the contact of each material. However, this criterion is important because a watch is spent a lot of time on your wrist… Its flexibility is essential for sports use. Regarding design, bracelets can be different colors, to bring a touch of whimsy or the opposite of sobriety. Fashion victim? Prefer a smartwatch with interchangeable bracelet!



If manufacturers have tended to agree on form factor of smartphones and tablets, the format type of the smartwatch screen has not yet been decided. Square, rectangular, round, flat, rounded… There for everyone. Some are models of smartphones, with touch screens offering a display LCD, OLED or sAMOLED, for a resolution between 240 × 240 and 320 × 320 pixels. Others opt for a monochrome display that recalls electronic watches. CooKoo mixes same classic Watch (analog display) and shows electronic, with highlighted icons in the dial! The screen is generally dependent on the features of the smartwatch.



Bracelet + screen = Design. You can have a connected to the wrist watch without having the appearance (Garmin, Cookoo models), or a high-tech look with a design geek assumed! MyKronoz including particularly treats the aspect of its models, offering a different approach for women (ZeBracelet, well-rounded) and men (ZeWatch, more angular). In all cases, the connected watch tend to be more prominent than conventional models, without that it is unpleasant to use.



In view of the basic features of the connected watch, the processing power of information is not as decisive for a smartphone or a tablet. Nevertheless, more a smartwatch has a processor and memory live performance, he will be able to read intensive apps. Because developers interested increasingly in this mobile support emerging, which can operate without Android including.



A watch with you everywhere, even in the rain or in your falls! Depending on your use, robustness or sonetancheite are aspects to consider. Manufacturers put forward the argument of the tightness of their models, the image of Sony for its 2 SmartWatch. This last is also anti-scratch.



The Bluetooth is essential for any connected watch connectivity, in order to communicate with a smartphone, tablet or a computer. All models are provided, although there are variations in versions (Low Energy for consumption for example). NFC enables immediate recognition between the smartwatch and his device. The models can accommodate a SIM have 3G connectivity, in the image of TrueSmart of Omate. It can also connect to internet via WiFi.



Digital use assumes a more limited service life: a smartwatch requires regular refills to take advantage of its many features. In communication, the autonomy of a smartwatch is generally 4 hours. Normal use allows for 3-4 days without recharging. The vast majority of the models has a rechargeable Li-ion battery, via a micro-USB port.



All connected watches do not work with all smartphones! Galaxy Gear works with Samsung models exclusively (Note 3, Galaxy S4, etc.), while the SmartWatch 2 of Sony and the TrueSmart of Omate are compatible with the Android belonging exclusively. Some connected watches as well adapt to Android smartphones that iOS, such as MyKronoz or Cooko. The most elaborate patterns synchronize their data with the environments Android and iOS, to learn the richness.



Accelerometer, compass, GPS, gyroscope, pedometer, photo/video, microphone: like smartphones, connected watches have a whole arsenal of sensors that determine their capabilities.



Relay of the smartphone

Mobility by excellence, the smart watch tool is designed as a relay of your smartphone. His vocation? Give you access to its key features remotely, without having to systematically take it out of your pocket or your bag.
So a smart watch can:


  • manage calls (incoming and outgoing);
  • manage notifications (SMS, email, social networking, agenda, etc.);
  • play photos/audio/video files.


Sports coach

A dedicated sports use connected watch allows you to measure your performance, in order to adapt your training program at best. At a glance, you have access to the saved settings during your physical activity by the sensors of the Sports Watch:


  • distance travelled;
  • speed;
  • calories burned;

Depending on the model or accessories, you can also measure your heart rate, cadence (by bike, swimming), the temperature outside and even the cumulation of uneven! Using GPS and an accessible mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you can establish and follow courses for jogging sessions and outings by bike. For golfers, the S4 Approach helps you manage your courses with accurate measurements of the distances.


Tracking your performance is also the way to visualize your progress and to know better your aerobic fitness. This allows to identify the intensity that you can put in your physical activities. In setting goals, a dedicated smart watch sport plays the role of trainer, up to encourage you to achieve!



The GPS chip allows some watches connected to be exclusively dedicated to navigation, whether you are on foot… or at sea! These models dedicated to the sailors have a barometer and compass.


Photo and video

To enter a cliché instantly without having to pull out your camera or smartphone, opt for a smartwatch equipped of a photo/video sensor. The quality does not equal a DSLR of course, but it is possible to capture a scene with discretion, then share it immediately with the connectivity of a smartwatch.





To change the look according to your desires, some connected watches offer a wide range of interchangeable bracelets. You choose the material and the colours that suit you!



A smartwatch gives its full potential when it is connected to a smartphone. A model Apple or Android ideally, ensuring good monitor compatibility that allows the smartwatch…


Accessories for watches for sports use

External sensors of different parameters to be saved by your watch are usually provided with the watch, but they are sometimes in options. It mainly heart rate belts, sensors in the shoe for runners, or cadence sensors and speed fixed on the wheel of the bike for cyclists.