Casio Do Not Want to Run out of a Piece of Cake: His Smartwatches Will Come in 2016

They know in Casio watches. Of that there is no doubt. This Japanese company placed on the market its first digital wrist watch already four decades ago, and was the first to realize the potential that had this type of watches if added them additional features, as calculator, games, alarm, calendar, and even a remote control. We are sure that many who lived your childhood in the Decade of the 80s remember the mythical CMD40, one of the models of Casio that allowed us to change the TV channel from the clock.

With these precedents, and given the potential for growth that seems to have the market of smart watches, no wonder that Casio has been fixed on it. Moreover, Kazuo Kashio, one of four brothers who participated in the Foundation of the company, has assured The Wall Street Journal that because they are almost ready for disembark in this market. But the interesting thing is that its approach is very different from the Apple, LG, Sony and other companies that are currently struggling to get a piece of this appealing cake.

Casio relies on its experience

Kashio seems to be convinced of their baggage to places your company in a very comfortable position to reach the consumer market more forcefully that have exhibited so far marks that are already on it. In fact, it has anticipated that its intention is not to launch a smart device, which also incorporates the functions of a watch. Factories clocks in all rule, but enriched with «intelligent». Its starting point is certainly different.

But this steering has gone even further by ensuring that its proposals will be suitable for everyday use sloppy and intense resistance; they will be easy to use, and, in addition, it will be beautiful. But this is not all. They want to launch them with a price more competitive as possible. And they have to Apple in the spotlight. Apparently, his first proposal will be priced similar to the cheaper version of Apple Watch, that in Europe from 419 euros.

We have only one question to be resolved: when will have it ready? He seems to be hoping to launch in Japan and United States at the end of the month of March. But this first model will not be suitable for all audiences because, according to Kashio, they have been designed for men who want to use it in his spare time and while practicing sport. We will see what about comes out them.