Brikk Announces a Version of Diamonds of The Apple Watch That Could Cost $75,000

Well, kick off is already given, on March 9 we will have all the possible data on the table, and as always in Applesfera we have promptly informed of this with a coverage of everything that happens in the Keynote. But many are beginning to move, It is the case of Brikk promises us an Apple Watch more exclusive than the “Edition” version of the same.

This Apple Watch, or Apple Watch version would be more correct to say, It will be available in 4-6 weeks since Apple have it available for sale, Although it is already possible to make a reservation of the model that you like (among the more than 30 which will be available) will be all types and with different finishes, belts… The idea on which part (which have already occurred with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus) is very simple.

Acquire one of the marketed by Apple, remove it and take only essential parts. We will have new belts, new structure, new Crown Digital… Different types of gold, belts, diamond… The truth is that if Apple intends to create a wide range of devices where you can find a Watch Apple that fits your personality, Brikk wants to achieve something similar but with an extra luxury.

Versions range from simple finishes, in golden yellow, pink or Platinum with leather straps that haunt a price close to 8000 dollars and updates with higher number of bright and straps Platinum approaching the 80,000. The truth is that if you want an extra point of distinction and your Pocket not note it… It is another option.