Blocks, The First Modular Smartwatch Is a Reality E Starts His Adventure on Kickstarter

More than one year ago we knew of it, then the idea of a modular smartwatch sounded extremely attractive, but did not see clear that could materialize. This year, its developers were presented during CES in Las Vegas, but again, only with the idea, there was nothing concrete, until June of this year, we had news when they announced the adoption of Android as a platform and Qualcomm as heart for the project. And today, after several news, finally modular Blocks clock, is a reality.

There is no better example than Pebble, to demonstrate that innovative products have a proven success in Kickstarter, and Blocks wants to follow that path, Since today kicked off the campaign financing in crowdfunding platform, with which intended to jump-start this interesting project, which on paper seems to be a new success and a new revolution.

The personalization as a flag

Blocks is one of the most attractive projects in terms of the so-called smart watches, its main attraction is to bring the possibility of customization according to the needs and specific moments of every consumer, this is accomplished through a wide variety of modules, that in turn form the strap.

Everything is done through the heart of the clock, or “Core” as they call it, hence part magic and is where we meet one circular 1.35 inch color touchscreen, with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g /, 4.1 Bluetooth, haptic response control by voice and notifications of our smartphone, in addition to being compatible with iOS or Android.

The specifications are complemented with Android as a platform, not Android Wear, but a modified version based on Lollipop, that has its own interface and mobile application to customize. We also have a 400 Snapdragon, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of storage and a 400 mAh battery, which according to its creators, will grant us autonomy for 36 hours.

The interesting part comes with modules, that in this first stage we will have the possibility to choose between: extra battery, sensor heart rate, GPS, NFC for mobile payments or the module of “adventure” which consists of temperature, altitude and pressure sensors. In the second stage, will be modules for GSM SIM, player tracks, LED notifications and a programmable button, while in a third, and so far last stage, we will see the arrival of modules to incorporate a camera, sensor for the quality of air, levels of stress sensor and a module for Flash memory and thus to increase their storage.

All these modules, over which arise, can be purchased from the store of the company, BLOCKStore, which you can access from the mobile app, or via the web. But the true potential of Blocks, is its open platform, allowing that anyone can develop modules with all kinds of features, and so have the clock that really fits our needs.

At the time of writing this, the campaign is meeting just 8 hours and they are about to get to the 400 thousand dollars collected, surpassing the goal of 250 thousand dollars, so everything seems to indicate that it will be a new Kickstarter success, because they still have 36 days ahead.

If you want to buy a watch modular Blocks, its price part 195 dollars, which includes only the Core and a classical silicone strap, but true modular clock has a price, so far, of 275 dollars, that will make us creditors to the Core and four modules to choose from the first stage. Its creators have mentioned that all acquire them Blocks through Kickstarter, will receive your watch during the month of April 2016.