Base Blue Data S: of Cheaper Data Plan for Smartwatch and Tablet

A data plan is for Smartwatches who go to their mobile Internet access. Because the telephony is conveniently made via the Smartphone, so you must tell friends no second phone number. We imagine today a good representative.

BASE blue data S

The collective blue data S from the home BASE offers a SIM card that is suitable for use as a data plan. Telephony nor SMS is accordingly with included, this is a generous load of LTE-traffic. Which there is namely a gigabyte, which can do a great deal. The whole BASE at a price of €4.99 offers a month, from the 13th month of the tariff costs 6,99 Euro a month.

High speed

You surf S in the tariff BASE blue data at the EDGE, UMTS or LTE network BASE and O2 up to 14.4 MBit/s, which should be sufficient for most mobile Internet needs. Thanks to the data volume of one gigabyte, the fare except for Smartwatches with SIM slot is suitable for tablets that can do something with mobile Internet. Thus you must not more so meticulously pay attention to the traffic of the Smartphone, if this must be used as a Mobile HotSpot. View  TRAVELATIONARY.COM for reviews of LG G Watch R.

Two networks for better reception

Because BASE now belongs to the Telefónica, the network offers the advantage that the network can be used with in addition to dial into the BASE network of O2. While the device decides in which of the two networks on setting will be selected. They both support all common transmission standards, so EDGE, UMTS, and LTE. It is just crucial for dial on which frequency, there’s the most strength of field and thus the best speeds. Itself is not of it and must be also take no action, because the selection is done automatically in the background. BASE and O2 have a unique selling point in Germany with this technology, because the other mobile providers choose only in their own network a.