Apple Watch: These Are The Prices, Models and Combinations You Could Choose

After the first wave that began at the end of April, Apple starts today the sale of its Apple Watch in some more, including territories Spain or Mexico. Since this morning to the 07.01 (schedule Spain peninsula) or 00.00 (Mexico), already an Apple Watch can be booked online or in the application of Apple.

If you’re thinking in buy a Apple Watch, tuned because these are the models, prices, configurations and technical features Apple clock.

Two sizes of box with different diagonal

While with the iPhone has not been (almost) never doubt about the size of the screen, with the Apple Watch the first decision should be choose which box model. There in two sizes, and beyond genres, the choice is a double issue: surface of the screen and balance on the wrist.

  • Model of 42 mm: This model has a diagonal equivalent of about 1.5 inches, with resolution of 312 x 390 pixels, which leaves us with a density of approximately 320 DPI pixels.
  • Model of 37 mm: in this case the approximate diagonal is 1.32 inches, with resolution of 272 x 340 pixels that atop its density approximately 320 DPI.

Here, and Apple has a service to do this, perhaps be recommended to arrange an appointment at a physical store to check which model at the moment with convinces more with size and effective work surface.

Otherwise they are identical models, in fact they have the same thickness of 10.5 mm, and only differ in dimensions of height, weight, and width 42 mm has one slightly larger battery, but that gives us the same autonomy.

Three models of different finishing (and price)

Chosen box size, it is up to decide by the finish, and here it already we are entering an area where price can end up marking the line we want to or not transfer. Qualities there are three Apple Watch options:

  • Apple Watch. It is the main model. Box is stainless steel in silver or black, with the screen protected by sapphire glass. Its base price is of 669 EUR (37 mm model) and 719 euros (42 mm), and from there joined euros depending on the type of combination with strap you want. The most expensive model of series is which includes stainless steel case black and also black links bracelet, in 1269 EUR.
  • Apple Watch Sport. It is the most affordable model, from 419 euros (box 37 mm) or 469 euros (box 42 mm). Box in this case changes to anodized aluminium with silver or gray finish. The screen is not Sapphire but fiberglass reinforced Ion-X but a priori is less immune to scratches than classical model.
  • Apple Watch Edition. It is the most ambitious model when his relationship with fashion and luxury. They are six models, all boxed set in 18-karat gold and polished Sapphire crystal display. Its price part of the 11.200 euro and escape the technological part and gadget.

Belt, another of the decisions to take

Such as clock and part fashion accessory that is Apple Watch (as also are the best watches with Android Wear), the Exchange and combination of straps It is not just a business but a small (and expensive) game for the consumer. Apple has facilitated this exchange with a system of direct fit and will give the possibility to different manufacturers so pulled out to market their own belts to Apple Watch.

Depending on the model of Apple Watch we choose, why choose series belts are different:

  • Apple Watch. There are no limitations of straps to choose from, and there are models from skin (3) to links, the famous Milanese as well as striking and lowest fluoroelastomer belts. In total, with two possible sizes (42 and 38 mm), this version will have 20 combinations possible. Prices vary depending on the model, but for example the Milanese out 169 euros, the same as the classic buckle or the skin, while the of links is shot to the 499 euros.
  • Apple Watch Sport. It is the model that has less potential for customization (10) input. Only find with fluoroelastomer belts in five colours (white, blue, green, pink and black). Each strap of this kind comes at a high price: 59 euros.
  • Apple Watch Edition. In total eight potential models of belts “to play” with the Golden box.