Apple Watch: the Battery Must Be Recharged Every Day

The boss of Apple brought some details on the autonomy of the future smart watch of the mark to Apple in an interview to the “Wall Street Journal”.

It is one of the grey areas that still surround the Apple Watch. Unveiled with great fanfare on September 9, the smart watch of Apple has raised a new enthusiasm since the submission of the first iPad. But like its release date, only planned for the beginning of the year 2015, many information about him have yet to specify.

Similar to the Iphone Battery Life?

One of them, and not the least, is its autonomy. It is one of the hotspots of the struggle between the builders of smartwatches (connected Watch). Tim Cook and his engineers gave no clue on the subject during the keynote.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Apple boss admitted he would have to charge it at least once a day or at least once every two days. “You’re going to charge it every day”, dropped his interlocutor, without giving more details. An announcement that bodes well for a range of the same order as that of the iPhone.

The Watch, Sign of the Progress of Apple in Health

With several small activity sensors, the Apple Watch intends to become a real sports coach, says Internetsailors. With hollow ambition to pose as vector of personal well-being.

With Activity and Workout, the Watch includes two dedicated to health and fitness applications that allow to view and identify both athletic performance and to measure activity.

A whole set of data that can be compiled in Health, the health integrated iOS app 8 aspires to make the iPhone 6 a true digital health record.


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