Apple Watch in Spain Will Require Previous Reservation to Buy It in Store

One of the “news” of the next exit to the sale of the Apple Watch in Spain and Mexico, among other territories, from tomorrow, June 26, was able to buy it in stores. But do not just arise in an Apple Store and choose the available model but that Apple requires that previously make the reservation at the application or the web.

Since Apple Spain just confirm that the reserves will be initiated to the 07.01 in the morning at the Apple website (and the application of shopping), moment in which we will know the accurate prices in euros, the different models that are on sale. Is expected to be able to buy the most basic Sport with rubber strap model starting from 399 euros.

Book appointment for a demonstration, if we want to

From first hour Friday Apple Watch be purchased to receive it at home or to pick it up at the store, where you can choose the nearest store and will have different options of hours to pick it up and, as happened with appointments for demonstrations, have contact with the individual clock. Product almost fashionable here again is a reference.

If you are determined to buy a Apple Watch, in Applesfera we have a complete with tips guide so you increase your chances of reserve it and pick it up as soon as possible and avoid a predictable lack of stock shortly after putting on sale.