Apple Watch IF Award-Winning Design, before Even of Its Launch

Less than a week of submission in the next 9 day Keynote and a month view (according to rumors) putting on sale, We already have the first award for the Apple Watch. The first Apple SmartWatch has received an award by the “International Forum”, in particular He has received an award “If Gold Award” for 2015 by this Association.

The Apple Wearable It has been defined by the jury as an icon, 1624 recognized products, only 64 have been awarded the distinction of Gold, being the Apple Watch one of the two unique devices of telecommunications you have been awarded this award.

In the words of the jury itself, Apple Watch “The idea of mixing classical materials such as leather and metal with cutting-edge technology, make Apple Watch an accessory unique in design”. In this award, many factors are taken into account such as the manufacture of the device, choice of materials, quality of design, brand value…

We already have the first prize… In less than one week we will have all the details of the same.