Apple Watch and Activity, Two New Apps Built into IOS 8.2

If you’ve upgraded already your iPhone to iOS 8.2 perhaps you’ve detected the new icon on the home screen. It is of Apple Watch, the app to set the clock of the Apple, install apps and choose which notifications we receive on our wrist. But is not the only one… the latest version of iOS hides a second app called activity that shows the process of pairing only once completed with Apple Watch.

But not advance us both and take a look at the background to the app that you can Yes accessible already; for many, one icon more to hide inside a folder next to kiosk, bag, health or advice; for others a curiosity; for Apple, an advertising action of the most direct pointing to more than 500 million users.

Because let’s face it, the app Apple Watch is first of all an ad. The first screen welcomes us with a carousel of suggestive watch photographs accompanied by a link to the website of the company with detailed information about the same. The explore tab is even less subtle, offering at the moment the three videos shown during the original presentation of the clock last year.

Finally, the tab of the App Store in which we should find the specific section of the app store from Apple dedicated to Apple Watch-compatible apps, ending launch us the hook with a “coming soon” and the invitation to ask it on April 10; a completely erroneous date in the case of Spain, where we still have no release date.

At least the Apple website that offers a foretaste of many of the first apps that you can install through this tool, but not all is lost. Apple Watch app has really allowed us to discover a feature that not had mentioned so far by the company, as it is the link between the iPhone and the clock process.

As you can see in the second screenshot above, instead of using a system such as NFC (which is not available on the iPhone 5, 5 c or 5s, all of them are compatible with the Apple Watch) clock app uses the iPhone’s camera to start the process, requesting that we encuadremos screen Apple Watch within a demarcated area. If this process fails, we also have a manual method via Bluetooth.