Apple Watch: 69% Of Americans Do Not Intend To Buy It

Regarded as the “smartest” of smartwatches, the new Apple Watch will begin to hit the market in some countries as early as April 24th.

Apple expects this gadget to be a top seller, starting with the US, but data now revealed by Reuters shows that most Americans do not intend to buy Apple’s smartwatch.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters / Ipsos, 69% of Americans are not interested in buying the new Apple Watch.Of respondents 29% replied that they are more interested in buying Apple Watch than another smart watch.

The poll was made online at 1,245 Americans between March 9 (after Tim Cook’s announcement) and March 13.

Although it is only a statistic, this survey does not bring some good news to the giant Apple from the point of view that, although they are only intentions, not half of the interviewees consider to acquire the Apple smartwatch. On the other hand it is worth noting that in 2014 were  sold 4.6 million smartwatches and analysts pointed to the sale of 10 to 32 million Apple Watches in 2015.

As we know the Apple Watch Sport (built in aluminum) version of 38 mm, will cost € 399 while the 42mm model is already € 449.

There is also a smart watch in stainless steel whose price will be around € 649 for the 38mm version and € 699 for the 42mm version. The gold version will be around 10 thousand euros.

Will the price of Apple Watch be a barrier at the time of purchase?