Apple Watch 2: Camera, More Independent Phone and Similar Battery According to Rumors

Although Apple Watch yet not been on sale in many countries (including Spain, where we’ll see starting the week coming), have already started to appear new rumors about who will be his successor, the (we assume) Apple Watch 2. According to 9to5mac, which ensures to have spoken with several sources, this second generation of smart Apple clock will be released in 2016.

New will you include? They mention one video camera that is could answer video calling via FaceTime directly from the wrist. In addition, try to be more independent of the telephone with the use of a new WiFi chip that allows that the clock can perform functions for which it was now necessary to phone (referred to basic tasks of communication or synchronization, for example). That Yes, that no one expects that both are completely independent: still in need of an iPhone.

With respect to materials, Apple would be looking to add more varieties for the purpose of introduce new models, already either belt or boxes, which give rise to clocks that move in price between Apple Watch stainless steel and Apple Watch Edition of gold. It seems that it will not change, that Yes, it is the battery, and is that, according to internal studies of Apple, its clients are satisfied with the current. Would be a slight improvement, as much, or like or that.

In any case, note that all this are now rumors, Although not of any origin. 9to5Mac has proved very reliable sources in all regards to Apple over the past years, and especially in recent months. We met practically iOS 9 ahead of time thanks to its leak. That Yes, said not ruled out that some property You can vary before the final release, since the current prototypes are far from enough finishes.