Apple Watch, 18 Hours of Autonomy with Normal Use and Up to 72 in Save Mode

He was an elusive subject and one of the most discussed Apple watch points, its autonomy. Many feared the worst when Tim Cook stated that we would have to charge the Apple Watch every day, and now, at last, the company details what we can expect in different usage situations. Everything tastes like little compared to seven days the Time Pebble, but finally seems to be not as bad as they predicted rumors.

On a normal day, understanding this as a day with 90 checks the time, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of use of apps and a workout of 30 minutes with playing music via Bluetooth, Apple Watch will withstand 18 hours. If we insist on using the clock to make phone calls, the thing falls up to 3 hours, but on the other hand, if our sport, we can train up to 7 hours (almost the double of the rumored) with the heart rate sensor activated before having to leave Apple Watch on your magnetic induction charger.

We got a similar range using the clock to hear music, 6.5 hours of audio playback; While its use as a clock looking time 5 times each hour per day is about 48 hours.

Type of useAutonomy

All day Up to 18 hours
Conversation Up to 3 hours
Audio playback Up to 6.5 hours
Training Up to 7 hours
Watch Up to 48 hours
Battery saving Up to 72 hours

Up to 72 hours with the saving mode

This is undoubtedly the most positive figure of Apple Watch, up to 72 hours due to the saving mode that is activated automatically when low battery. Three days where we can look time 4 times each time to activate the screen for 4 seconds each time he deactivates the functions of higher consumption as communication with the iPhone and the display brightness is reduced.

This mode can also activase manually through the app from your phone or directly from the watch, sliding the finger on the screen to access the Glance (glances) battery. In short, a great improvement with respect to the prototype of the last year.

Charging time

Another interesting fact announced at last by Apple is charging time using the inductive charger MagSafe: 1.5 hours to go from 0% to 80% of battery and 2.5 hours in total to 100%. The Cupertino company also specifies that all these figures correspond to the model’s 38 mm, and that “in general, Apple Watch 42 mm has one greater autonomy” for our joy. It is good to know it.





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