Apple Wants to Stimulate the Market For Connected Watch

Two years after its competitors, Apple finally made its entry on the market of the connected watch. A sector which who is struggling to take off, and could largely enjoy the good brand to Apple recipes.

It had been years that Apple had not raised such a wave of enthusiasm. On 9 September, after the presentation of the iPhone 6, where Tim Cook declaimed the now famous “One more thing” who did the legend of the keynote by Steve Jobs, the hearing of the Flint Center in Cupertino rose almost as one to applaud several minutes during the announcement to come. Journalists, experts, figures of fashion, seethed all impatience to see the veil rise over the arlésienne for the California company.

Even if the secret had been well kept (few leaks to deplore), the smartwatch of Apple was strongly expected. The choice of the Flint Center (where Apple had unveiled the first Mac) for the keynote, the mention “We’d be able to tell you more…” on the invitation circulated to the press and the presence of several personalities from the world of fashion among the guests sounded like so many signals confirming the arrival of Apple in the booming market of the smartwatch.

Spend the Second in An Emerging Market

Introducing the Apple Watch, the Cupertino company had to prove to the world that she was still able to innovate. Work done by Tim Cook who simply compared his introduction to that of the mouse for the Mac and the iPod wheel. Of course, it is possible to say without too much risk that it will not revolutionize the market of the smartwatch, who is still struggling to win over the general public. But landing on a segment that tends just to become more democratic, the California company can nourish hope legitimate to encourage its take-off, as it has done with the iPod and the iPhone in their time.

The issue is simple. This is to raise the connected watch above their original frame of peripheral tool of smartphones. To do this, the American giant upgraded once more on the recipe that made its success: the positioning at the top of the sector, the attention to detail and ease of use. “The best show in the world”, according to Tim Cook, is first an object unique and high-end (from 349 dollars, or about 270 euros). At the time where its competitors are characterized by their product segmentation, Apple put his Watch in true Chameleon. Available in three versions (standard, sport and chic), available in six colours of boxes (which a 18-carat gold) and dozens of interchangeable bracelets, it offers a multitude of possible combinations.

The Range of Products “Most Intimate” Apple

Fully wireless, understood, charging the Watch is a new illustration of the expertise of Apple in terms of intuitiveness. Nod to traditional watchmaking, the attached wheel to the side right of the dial of the watch allows to navigate between menus and scroll the text messages and notifications. What is otherwise easy to tap on the screen with his finger. Looking for information on a restaurant with Siri or his way with Maps are also within easy reach of wrist. Avatar of Snapchat, the Digital Touch application allows to communicate by small drawings.

With several small sensors, the Watch also plans to change the way we move. With hollow ambition to pose as vector of personal well-being. With Activity and Workout, the Watch includes two dedicated to health and fitness applications that allow to view and identify both athletic performance and to measure activity. A whole set of data that can be compiled in Health, the health integrated iOS app 8 aspires to make the iPhone 6 a true digital health record. Tim Cook noted that the Watch was simply “more intimate” product range ever sold by Apple.

Contactless, a Relevant Application Payment?

Rest by offering a mix of complementary applications of the use of a smartphone and dedicated to sports and health activities, the shows connected Apple is actually very close to its competitors. Especially since it does not dissociated from the iPhone and its autonomy remains a question mark since no information on the subject was given Tuesday. But it could stand out from the rest of the melee in a certain respect. Integrating for the first time Apple Pay, included in the iPhone contactless payment system 6, the mark to Apple may have found a first relevant use for a watch connected, quick to create the need for this type of products.

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