Apple Surpasses Annual Sale Watches with Android Wear

People, Apple is already up and running with your new Apple Watch sales. The device, which is in pre-order, comes in three versions: the Apple Watch Sports, which is the model made in aluminum and 30% lighter than the other; the Apple Watch that has design made of stainless steel and protected with Sapphire Crystal Display and Apple Watch Edition, which is the most elegant, made of 18-carat gold.

Just to give you an idea, from the beginning of the pre-sale of last week until today, the Smart Watch Apple sold in the United States more than Android devices Wear sold in a year.

That’s that! I read that 957,000 people bought the smartwatch, 720,000 of which have defaulted in the year 2014, by smart watches with Android. Impressive, huh?

The Apple Watch is available in nine countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, have you?

Some luxury item shops out there selling the watch, and the Apple Store in Beijing has the smartwatch clock available on the site, with delivery scheduled for June.

And it doesn’t stop there! Even an App Store geared for the device has been released! And there you will find over 3000 applications, divided into six categories: communication, health and fitness, travel, creativity, work and family. Great, huh?!

It seems to me that the launch in Brazil is scheduled for July this year. So, the way is to wait for the scenes of the chapters!

And you: what did you think of this big Apple Watch sales overflow? Tell me!