Apple Records Trademark in Japan as Requested By The iWatch

It’s been a long time since we have heard of a smartwatch clock that Apple is supposedly developing. Encouraging the rumors, the company registered in Japan the iWatch brand request in the category of “handhelds” and watches at the beginning of last month.

The request was made on the day on June 3, but only became public last week. Before Japan, the brand’s request had also been made in Russia and in Jamaica. After publishing this post, the site 9to5Mac released four other countries: Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and Colombia.

According to the rumors, the iWatch split some features in common with smartphones, but will be more “as” in the sense that you can send and receive information without the need of the user. According to the same sources, a team of 100 employees working on the project. In addition, on site Conference AllThingsD, the CEO Tim Cook came to comment that the gadgets, like the Google Glass, are very interesting and that the wrist is a good part of the body to use them.

Apple is not the only one to be supposedly in the running of the smartwatches. There are rumors that Samsung is also developing the your. In any case, there are already some options on the market, as the Pebble and the SmartWatch clock from Sony. It remains to be seen what the two major smartphone makers will create for the wrists.

Apple has not commented on the matter, but the clues are there. Would we see even this year the smart watch advertisement company?

Updated 2 day July 2013 at 4:06 pm with the other four countries that received the request.