Apple Clarifies How Watch OS 1.0.1 Measures Your Heart Rate after Receiving Some Complaints

A few days ago, Apple launched the first software update for the Apple Watch, called Watch OS 1.0.1. And the feelings have been generally positive, except for the complaints that some users have recently launched: seems that heart rate measurements are more irregular than before.

As Apple not detailing the change of concrete form in the update, many valued it as a failure that had crept to the developers of Cupertino, but now the company has wanted to resolve doubts this weekend clarifying that no error there is. And Yes, we can say that is not a bug but a feature.

Perhaps we should get used to these changes in measurements of the sensors of the Watch, since Apple always tries to improve the data collecting

With the updated system, says Apple on their support page, Apple Watch attempts to measure our heart rate every ten minutes using a photoplethysmography. But if we are physically moving or our arm is in motion, He won’t. Hence to jump some measurements and the frequency of data is somewhat more irregular than before.

This change wants to be able to measure with more reliability our heart rate, since measuring it regardless of what we are doing can give wrong metrics. We should start to get used to these changes: Apple Watch has many sensors and the way that they measure our data can change an update to another.