Angela Ahrendts Final Preparations for The Imminent Arrival of The Apple Watch Stores

We don’t yet know the exact date on which Apple Watch will arrive to Spain (late June if we listen to Tim Cook what he said in the latest financial results), but before that the new Apple device has another milestone that comply: reach the Apple Store with enough stock so that it is sold without reserve.

And that, as they have unveiled at 9to5Mac, is about to occur. The head of Apple Retail Angela Ahrendts has appeared in a New Insider video of the company along with his number two Jim Bean, announcing staff who should be ready to start selling watches at official stores of the company. All the necessary material that will train and prepare for release already goes way to them.

Apple will relaxing the sale of their Apple Watch as more units can be manufactured

Ahrendts insists that this is a release other than the products of Apple, is a much greater variety of Apple Watch ranges and each model that is sold has to go tied very closely to the client. It will enhance the ability of aside from the Apple Store website, to pick it up then in the physical store are sure that the model that we have saved and is waiting for us.

As stores are filling, sales will be much less limited and you will reach the point where any client can get one simply asking for it. Employees can even charge it with the method Easy Pay, on the spot, since the iPod Touch equipped with credit card readers. And if there is sufficient sample units, visitors can try one quietly when possible.

It sounds, seen in perspective, Apple can breathe and stop being so strict with respect to the availability of their Apple Watch. It’s simple: demand is balancing with the offer.