Android Wear: Tips For Saving Energy and Extend Battery Life

Ever put your hands on a Bike 360, Samsung Gear S, LG Watch Urbane or some smartwatch clock with Android system Wear? If Yes, we have some tips that will help you increase autonomy and still save your gadget’s battery.

Is valid to note that the smart watches are becoming a trend. So, if you don’t yet have one, occasionally, the desire to go after one of these to buy can arise at any moment. So it is good to be linked on our page dedicated to smartwatches to know everything that’s going on in this world.

You probably already know that, however, we need to indicate that the use of a smart watch only becomes complete when he is paired with a smartphone. For example, if your kids have a Samsung Galaxy S6, the Gear can be the best choice, says technology-wiki. If you have a LG G4, the Watch Urbane closes the account — in the same way that the Apple Watch is paired with the iPhone 6.

Then, see the tips and learn how to extend the autonomy of your Android Wear.

Screen Brightness

This is perhaps the most obvious Tip: manage the smartwatch clock screen brightness. The screen is a villain to the battery. As Android Wear is in your fist all day, you use the attachment in the House, Office, school/college and on the street. In other words, what are just being influenced by all kinds of lighting. We therefore recommend that you let the screen brightness set to “4” — the more balanced for any situation.

If you have a Bike 360, there is still the option “Auto”. If battery is the want, never select this option. Because of the need to analyze the amount of enough brightness, the system ends up requiring more energy.

It’s Not a Normal Clock

Forget that leaving the screen always on. Even if the gadget is called a watch and you want to leave it “visible”, a screen connected continuously will consume a battery. Therefore, it is necessary to turn it off while in use. Otherwise, ensure the existence of an outlet there.


I wonder if the notifications are so important? You see, a good part of it is coming from your email, the spam invitations to play games on Facebook etc. Still, they consume a damn battery: every time they appear, the screen is enabled and the system is searching for this information. So, do yourself a favor and turn off the notifications.

Notifications II

If you really need a lot of them, there is the possibility of selecting the most important and put others to sleep. To make the motion to dismiss, with the finger by sliding to the right, slide to the left, some viewing options are presented. That way, you can, for example, define when you want to receive notifications from Facebook and Gmail.

Turn Off the Tilt

Android Wear can connect the device through the movements. In other words, you stretch your arm to look at the time, he recognizes the movement and turn on the screen. However, if you save your battery is the cool, turn off the feature. That’s because it is activated at various times that are not needed — he still doesn’t have the ability to know when you really want to move the clock, then just a movement for Android Wear call the smartwatch clock.

Turn off the feature, and be happy.