Android Wear Improvements Are Evident in The 360 Motorcycle, Now Support WiFi

Google has begun offering the latest update for Android Wear, and one of the devices that will bring important party of these improvements will be the bike 360. Motorola smart clock wins many important benefits, including the WiFi connectivity and the ability to run applications in the background.

Also become other advances such as the ability to show different modifications with a simple twist of the wrist -not needed now both hands for this action-, in addition to the improvements that come in support of emojis, something that contributes to that possibility to reply to messages directly from the smart watch.

WiFi connectivity comes with Android Wear smart watches

But that WiFi connectivity that is already supported in Android Wear will allow that watches that integrate that capability – 360 Moto is one of them – can run smoothly with all its benefits without having the phone closely: all notices and benefits of this platform will be available while we have WiFi connectivity.

Applications that run during long time, such as the monitoring of physical activity or navigation routes on foot or by car they can run in the background, displaying your information in the way environment to prevent battery consumption. I.e.: applications continue running, but optimize your behavior to maximize battery life.

The own Motorola has also improved some of their tools, and here the protagonist is motorcycle Body, offering now for example sending a weekly email with a summary of what has been achieved in the last seven days in this effort by keep us in shape and with the challenges that are proposed to maintain that good tone.