AndrÉ Belfort Caliendrier

Watches for man should in my opinion be able to meet different criteria, especially to the following: in addition to a very high quality, they should also have class. The ‘Calendar’ of André Belfort watch fills them both brilliantly.

AndrÉ Belfort Caliendrier

From the outside:
The ‘Calendar’ watch – we tested the copy “Stahl Silber”, “Steel Silver” a classic model: a bracelet in black leather with thin seams reports that the Swiss manufacturer takes seriously: produced here luxury watches. Slightly matte dial contrasts pleasantly with the big numbers that form a beautiful unit displaying the day. the date and month. Refined steel (316L) particularly pleases us.
The implementation of views follows classic design principles, what makes that the watch is suitable for all time. Sapphire glass contributes to its value and ensures that the scratches have no chance. The setting items are robust and lend a certain charm to the James Bond watch ‘Calendar’.
This watch is not only “Stahl Silber”, but also ‘Stahl schwarz’ (‘black steel’), “Stahl braun”, (“Brown steel’), ‘IP schwarz’ und (‘black IP’) and ‘Gold silber ‘.
(“Silver Gold”). All copies have a leather strap.

The mechanism has a resistance to 5 ATM water and is ready for this reason to the tensions and daily expenses. The movement André Belfort ETK 5602 caliber ensures the proper functioning of the watch ‘calendar ‘. 20 stones allow the level to operate correctly. The inner life of this watch is housed in a box of 14 mm in height.

Balance sheet:
Looking for a man with an automatic gear and classic and elegant design watch, Pat on the head with the watch calendar of Andre Belfort.


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