Almost Half of All iPhone Owners Buy The Apple Watch

San Francisco–about 40% of adults, Apple iPhone owners, in the United States are interested?? in buying the new Apple Watch, according to a new survey by Reuters/Ipsos.

The smart watch, whose price ranges from $350 to $17000 for a 18-carat gold, is the first important new Apple product in five years, and consumer demand for the device is being watched closely by competitors and investors.

IPhone owners are a particularly important market for Apple with the launch of the new clock, which arrives in stores on April 24. That’s because the accessory needs an iPhone to work fully, and analysts say the likely initial buyers must already have a smartphone from Apple in your pockets.

The BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk said that with more than 100 million active iPhone users in the US and close to half a billion globally, the research was “very encouraging” for a product that hasn’t been seen in stores, even if it is not clear how much of this interest will translate into purchases.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andrew Hargreaves said it wasn’t clear how many people wanted or needed the smartwatch clock. But he expects Apple’s marketing delivered strong initial sales of the device.

“Winning customers from Apple Watch is more realistic right now,” said Hargreaves. The watch allows users to check emails, listen to music and make phone calls.

The Ipsos interviewed 2,469 Americans from 18 years over the internet between 9 and 17 March and found that 24% expressed interest in buying the watch, including 17% which said they were “very interested”. The poll has margin of error of four percentage points.