Aiwatch A8: Cheap, Waterproof Smartwatch

Today we want to imagine a Smartwatch, which is packed with all kinds of functions, is waterproof and is still quite cheap offered. There is talk of the Aiwatch A8.

Aiwatch A8

The Aiwatch A8 is a Smartwatch was equipped with a 1.54-inch display that displays the 240 × 240 pixels. The device communicates with the Smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0 or later and can thereby call, draw attention to messages or play music. To do this, there is a camera with 0.3 MP resolution.

Fitness features

The Aiwatch A8 offers a range of fitness functions. She can monitor the sleep and then evaluate whether he was all right. In addition, she writes with how far you ran throughout the day. It can also remind you that we should more often times get up and move.

Bluetooth line

To prevent thefts, the Aiwatch A8 has an electrical line. The coupled Smartphone is no longer nearby, she can sound the alarm. Conversely, you can find also the Smartphone with the Smartwatch, as long as it is still in the vicinity. The Smartphone will then play a tone.

Like Alcatel One Touch watch listed on, the Aiwatch A8 is water resistant and comes with a SIM slot, so she can also then in the Internet, when coupled Smartphone away.

Those who are interested in the Smartwatch will find it at Everbuying, where she is currently on sale. Compared to the non-binding price recommendation it was reduced by 53% and is currently only 21,19 euros.