Acer Announces Liquid Smartphone and Watch Liquid Leap

The Mobile Division of Acer devices are not very widespread here in Brazil, but the manufacturer is still investing heavily in appliances in this segment. Today, two new devices were presented at a press conference, which was organized by Acer in New York (United States). We’re talking about the Liquid smartphone J and Liquid clock Leap.

The two should not be part of a required bundle — which means that consumers can choose whether they want to use only one of them or both of them together —, but Acer has made it clear that invests in Liquid Leap for it to be considered a “gadget” to the smartphone presented today, which should fuel the cellular market intermediaries.

Liquid j: the Smartphone

Although Acer have shown intermediate smartphone during a press event solely dedicated to Acer, the executives didn’t have much time to talk about the Liquid j. all that is known so far is that it will have 5-inch screen and you should follow a more curvaceous design and anatomic — fleeing the flat patterns that are being used in the industry today.

Were shown two colors of the smartphone, making it clear that it will be available in black and white, with other colors can be announced in the future. What is in question is hardware that it is similar to the main mid-end devices — or intermediaries — today. As we have already said, there is no confirmed details in this respect.

The Smartwatch Clock Liquid Leap

At the same event in which he was presented the Liquid J, Acer also took the opportunity to show the smartwatch clock your Liquid Leap. He has a series of features specially produced for practitioners of sports activities — which includes some features for the measurement of distances covered and calculate calories burned in a race, for example.

According to the manufacturer, the Liquid Leap must be compatible with a lot of Android smartphones, but who want to use it with the appliance you can buy the kit J Liquid with the two gadgets for lower prices. Both the smartphone as intelligent LED watch must be launched via phonejust at the beginning of the second half in Asia, still without any plan for his arrival in the Western market.