According To Information iWatch Has Serious Battery Problems

IWatch has been around rumors for years. Taken for granted in several releases, it has been postponed for several reasons. With the launch of the iPhone 6 scheduled for next Tuesday, in Apple’s Keynote, rumors are now back about its release.

But the news that have now emerged, coupled with others that have also been released, show that iWatch may have serious problems with the battery, which will limit its usability.

The news that came out in recent days shows serious problems with the battery life of iWatch, which may be one of the reasons associated with the successive delays in its launch.

This information, revealed by The Information website, comes to realize that Apple’s own employees have very low expectations about the duration of these.

People who have talked to Apple about the watch said that Apple employees have low expectations about Samsung smartwatches.

This alleged limitation that the iWatch battery has is not normal on Apple products and should be resolved before it is released to the market.

This information does not exist in concrete form and is based only on conversations of people connected to this device and that give them as the reason for the several possible delays in the launching.

This may be the reason to support the recent news that only makes it likely that it will only be available in the year 2015.

The big question is the possibility of this device coming up next Tuesday, associated with other potential products of Apple, integrated with other news that can be released, all linked around the iOS8.

This battery problem has been verified in smartwatchs since the beginning of its first launches, this being one of the main criticisms of its users.

Everything will be revealed next Tuesday, when Apple hold its event, where the new iPhone 6 is expected to emerge in its various models, as well as others that still probably nobody expects.