A Handful of Details about The Apple Watch, Has Been Leaked to Three Days of Keynote

I am sure that Tim Cook has cried more than once “Mark Gurman!» in some corner of Infinite Loop. 9to5Mac twenties editor has returned to pull their sources to tell us new details – Unofficial – Apple Watch.

His confidants have been able to test prototypes of the smartwatch and it is very fast and that using it is “natural”, this is what have been able to tell:

Apple has been improving the autonomy

Battery has been the big question of the Watch since it arose. A recent leak placed it between 2.5 hours of intensive use and 3.5 hours of normal use. Now 9to5Nac says that Apple has managed to pull it up to 5 hours of intensive use, more than much of the competition. So you can use it throughout the day without a problem. That Yes, we do not get rid of charge it every night, as often happens with the iPhone.

The new filtration has also confirmed the mode of energy reserve who already ahead of the New York Times. This function to save battery It can be activated manually at any time, and what it does is reduce the brightness and slow communication with the iPhone. Speaking of the iPhone, 9to5Mac sources ensure that the connection with the Watch does not affect the autonomy of your phone too. Moreover, the Watch has the option of removing the Bluetooth and airplane mode.

The clock measures and records your heart rate

We knew that the Watch has a heart rate sensor because Apple announced an option to “send our heart rate” to another person who has a Watch. The novelty is that there will be an application for see our heart rate. In reality is not an app but a look (Glance) as you know if you are developers is a simplified interface that displays to the user only the information you need.

Those who have tried the look say that it works very fast and “seems reliable”. It will updating you keystrokes per minute and at the same time registers them with the iPhone health application. This will give information to your phone on the our exercise intensity so you can calculate the calories we burned.

Test units have 8 GB flash

The prototypes that tested the confidants of 9to5Mac had 8 GB of memory for storage. What can we do with this space? Apple Watch allows synchronize songs from iTunes and then listen to them even if we are not connected to the iPhone, for example with a Bluetooth headset or external Bluetooth speakers.

We have also discovered what are the Glances coming pre-installed in the Apple Watch: the heart rate, State of the battery, of activity, on the clock, of time, of music, of quick adjustments, on the calendar and maps.

This is how the interface is controlled

To handle by the interface, It will be necessary to use the digital Crown and voice. The Crown there is no pinch to zoom and voice because there is no keyboard on screen. By the way, Apple Watch menus do not speak Siri, but his predecessor, “Voice Control”, however Apple mentions to Siri as one of the clock stands.

To gain access to the notification Center We will do as in the iPhone: slide your finger from the top. To sort the applications from the home screen you can use the Companion application from the iPhone or do it directly on the watch, keeping finger clicked on an app.

To turn off the clock, we will have to make a Crown button long press and wait until the slider’s shutdown. In this screen you will also find the option of force the application output, If any is left hanging.

And some first impressions

One of the features of the Watch that many want to taste is Force Touch, technology that allows to watch distinguish between a touch and pressure. Mark Gurman sources say you get used to using it naturally.

On the screen itself, are running it’s one of the best panels smartwatches, «vibrant as a “digital paper”» market. That Yes, in terms of size, has given them the feeling that the version of 38 mm is tiny.

On the other hand, it seems that Apple Watch chip S1 does its job, the clock works smoothly in general. However, 9to5Mac about slowness when 200 installed applications are exceeded.

Another curious detail: the Sport version has seemed to them difficult to put because it takes time getting used to the lock, a simple ‘clip’.