“30 Years Of G-Shock To Celebrate.”

For 30 years, G-Shock organizes a pop-up store at the 15th Street of les Halles (Paris 1) where visitors will be able to see the complete collection of G-Shock Watches.

At the same time, the brand launches its new collection of G-Shock X Supra, outcome of collaboration between G-Shock and Supra.

G – Shock: the revolution of watches

G – Shock was born in the late 1980s with the dream of a young engineer, Kikuo Ibe, who wanted to create “a watch that does not break, even if you fall. At the time, the idea seemed fanciful, because watches were all fragile models. Kikuo Ibe invented then several prototypes of “unbreakable” watches, and through perseverance he eventually to develop the first DW5000 G-Shock model. The performance of this new generation of watches exceeds expectations: resistance to falls of 10 meters, 0 bar pressure resistance, lifespan of 10 years for the battery. This first DW5000 G-Shock model revolutionized the industry of wristwatches, and even today, it remains a benchmark in the field.

30 years with great fanfare

The kickoff of the many festivities organised in honour of the 30th anniversary of G-Shock was given in New York. Among the guests could see the faithful friends of the brand: Eric Haze and Stevie Williams, but also Eminem that ignited the Hammersmith Ballroom scene at the opening night. Accompanied by the Slaughterhouse DJ Drama Group, Detroit rapper then gave an exclusive concert 2000 guests to the world of fashion, film, music and art.

Dates in Europe

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of G-Shock continues in several European cities, including Milan, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, or even Barcelona. The opening of pop-up stores in these cities is part of the great European project G-Sessions. In Paris, this exhibition ended on July 16. The public was able to discover models cults of the Japanese brand, its new features, as well as collaborations carried out in recent decades. 30 years for G-Shock, it’s 30 years in the service of excellence.