Wear Calendar Brings Full Calendar on Android-Wear-Smartwatches

If an Android- wear-Smartwatch owns and missing even a full calendar for the wrist, which can now continue reading, because wear calendar brings an extensive calendar app on the clock. It is also “Made in Germany”, because the developers come from Karlsruhe, Germany.

Source: Smartphone

Wear calendar using the calendar of the coupled Android smartphones. The app supports multiple calendars, which are distinguished in the representation of various colors. Except for the reading of existing events, the app supports also create new dates so you need get not your phone out of your pocket for a date.

The different views, open packing many features that are accessible by swipe gestures. With one wipe to get to the next view, for example, by the month. from the week view. Voice commands are also supported to further facilitate the operation like a vintage style digital watch listed on http://www.getzipcodes.org/vintage-led-digital-watches/fashion-accessory-tips-364.html.

A little free

The app is free in its basic version. It requires Android 4.3 or new, as well as a compatible Android wear Smartwatch. However, not all of the features in the basic version are included – the app can be extended via in-app purchase. The prices for the in-app purchases totaled between 1.49 and 14.99 Euros “per item”. You can download Wear calendar in the Google play store – the download is 6.3 MB.



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