We Will Know More Details of How It Will Sell The Apple Watch Edition. No, Most Likely Than Not You’Ll See Them at The Apple Store

Much is has been talking about this subject and it seems that finally we have more data of as Apple Watch Edition will be distributed. Everything points that you may not see or test as usual, entering into an Apple Store, but it will be aimed at a more exclusive area. The own Tim Cook to leave glimpsed during the Keynote that would be available only at very specific points of distribution.

And is that we think about it, we’re talking of a product that is priced at 10,000 to 17,000 euros, then it will not be so they scuffling and adolescent toqueteen. All the rumors that Apple was in talks with some high-class stores seems were certain.

Women´s Wear Daily site is launching some data in this regard. We could see Apple Watch Edition at the galleries Lafayette in Paris or Selfridges in London. All with their own equipped spaces that will clearly show that they offer Apple Watch Edition. And of course, between watches of the same price range. Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin…

Apple wants to offer a more personal experience when selling Apple Watch. Apple Store of anything cluttered. The client type that could buy a Apple Watch Edition need attention that is unable to provide in an Apple Store.