The Ultimate for Sportive Wrists by Zenith

If you always thought was one an iron complex, is now wrong. It is difficult to build as a clock and it is also complicated by means of leaflet distribution to scrape together the 500,000 euro for the clock. Where from about 2.8 billion distributed penny pamphlets in German households, like a clock are accessible. The name is a statement:

Zentith defy Xtreme Tourbillon ZERO G the first

The system to find which does the same for the watches, what did the Tourbillon pocket watches, is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Has always been the best watchmakers have tried to defy, a sworn enemy of precision of gravity. In a true technological revolution the manufacture ZENITH has now developed the system zero-G, where zero-G means nothing more than “Zero-gravity”- zero gravity! This Tourbillon with a gyroskopischem cage is the inhibition on universal joints assembled, much like in marine chronometers. The instrument that is sensitive to changes in position, is kept constant in the horizontal, which ensures an optimum oscillation of the balance spring. The coordination is ensured by an invention patented by ZENITH: A second translation gear, which serves as a reference point for the on vibrations, inhibition and a differential transmission with inverter compensate all relative motion of the chassis. The Tourbillon zero G, whose cage alone 166 of a total 294 construction parts, 10 conical gears with spiral teeth and 6 ball bearings to – including, El Primero was developed on the basis of automatic calibre that re cord speed of 36,000 vibrations per hour strikes with the.

The combination between the Tourbillon zero G and defy Xtreme line goes out a surprising design, the perfect Alchemy from factory and GE housing. This 8, lucky number or symbol for infinity, extends to the hour and minute display at 11 o’clock and the opening of the phenomenal Tourbillon at 5 o’clock. A multi-layered dial hesalite Crystal, carbon fiber and aluminum under two Sapphire glasses, a black titanium case with a water resistance up to 1000 meters, a black, beaded bezel made of titanium, a protected Crown, a helium valve, a titanium bracelet with inserts made of Kevlar and high temperature resistance: these are the features that make this timepiece to an extreme sports watch. A new star at the zenith of the firmament, receives including numbered vintage Edition.

So, I must times go-to distribute leaflets.