The Port of Diagnosis of Apple Watch Is There and Can Be Seen on Promotional Videos

Since a few weeks ago, jumped the rumor. Some sources pointed to the possibility that Apple Watch included a port where hooked straps. Analyzing promotional videos from the Watch Apple showing Apple during the Keynote on Monday, we can see that the port is there, there is.

At first he spoke that the port could serve to responsible for the Genius Bar could connect the SmartWatch to a Mac and make diagnosis the clock to try to find out possible faults. Although later there has followed talk that this port could serve to accessory Apple Watch futures.

We do not know for certain if that port will exist in the final version of the clock, but everything points to that Yes. In my opinion, Apple Watch should not follow the same “timing” of renewal than other Apple products. You can not force the consumer to renew your watch once a year. It is something like the iPod or iPad, one of the reasons (in my opinion) that iPad sales are falling, it is because user does not feel the need to renew its tablet every year.

The secret to continue getting sales, perhaps this port. In the future they could go appearing different accessories in the form of belts that add more functionality to the Smartwatch and they get to scratch our pockets. More battery, new sensors, more memory… 24 April when begin to distribute the first units, we are sure to see more details of that port.