The Future of Apple Watch and The AppleTV: 9to5Mac Reveals More Details Which We Will See in June

Mark Gurman, editor at 9to5Mac, has done again it. A “proven” source It has revealed several details about the future of the Apple Watch and the AppleTV, with a precision that makes that it costs us to believe that this is mere hypothesis. And if you look at the history of that media leaks, none ended being him.

Let’s start with the news that Apple is preparing for your Watch, that will come in the form of the first update of important software for the attachment. We will have a new function called “Find my Watch”, whose name can perfectly deduce what to do: Locate and remotely block our clock if necessary.

The difference between Find my Watch and Find my iPhone will be notices that will watch if we move away from iPhone too, warning us that we’re leaving behind or that we have not put it ourselves when we are leaving home. Own signals of a Wi-Fi network and a series of LEDs on the clock display will be used to achieve this. What is not known of the is true if this update will in the short term or will need a new generation of Apple Watch to operate.

The “roadmap” of improvements leaves us quite clear that Apple Watch will be updated regularly

Another new feature that Apple Watch could is also pending regulation notify the user that he has an irregular heartbeat, something that can prevent major health problems but you need the laws of Governments to give green light so that he implement. More in the long run, following an agenda that Apple has been defined throughout the development of the first Watch, the clock can adopt sensors that measure the oxygen saturation or blood pressure.

The latest data on the Apple Watch are the third-party applications, that it could run natively on the clock and stop relying on the iPhone. Developers can also create their own “complications” (complements of the watchfaces showing data), where Twitter enter in scene officially integrated with the clock.

The AppleTV, applications with a “TVKit”

The source of 9to5Mac has also given some data about the future Apple TV and its interaction with Apple Watch: the current generation of the watch would act as a remote control Player, which in turn would be updated with an own App Store where developers could publish their own programs thanks to a “TVKit” that would come from the hand of an updated Xcode.

This new AppleTV could be controlled with Siri, and It would throw the coming month making use of WWDC to introduce it. It would be more important this hobby hop from its initial presentation. At this point, I suppose that the best will be to wait for WWDC for all the official details.