The First Apple Watch Gold Plated 24 K Gold Is an Economical Alternative to The Collection Edition [Updated with Video]

In the past we have seen how to transform a Apple Watch Sport for that in Exchange for a few euros, looks like a Apple Watch Edition… from a certain distance. But today we bring you a more interesting solution if you really want your watch to look as is through a 18 or 24 karat gold bath.

Companies such as Very Good Plating Company are responsible for the process, offering truly exceptional results as you can see by these photos published on Reddit by one of his clients (specifically of bath 18 carats). Prices move between 499 dollars to bathe the Apple Watch with stainless steel case and 49 dollars sports strap closure.

Look a links bracelet bathed in gold will cost US $249, and bearing in mind that it is an option that not even Apple sells, limiting their production to a few units delivered in hand to celebrities like Beyonce or the designer Karl Lagerfeld, may even see the legitimate owner of a Apple Watch Edition ordering one.