The Apple Watch Exhibition Featuring Custom Belts with a Connector Lightning

Perhaps you’ve never wondered to how these Demo units they have in the Apple Store but today we bring you a series of really interesting photographs that allow us to take a look behind the curtain. And is that contrary to what it may seem, the Apple Watch the Apple stores are hiding a secret, custom straps using the diagnostic port for charge the watch and transmit data through an unexpected Lightning connector.

Through this connection, Apple Watch communicates with the iPad by the Exhibitor, where through an app to measure, provides us information about each feature of the clock or the function that we are using at that time: from the home screen to the spheres of the clock or any of the apps that includes.

From the second 35 this video you can see in passing how the Exhibitor’s demonstration. Until now thought that Apple Watch are communicated with the iPad via Bluetooth or Wifi but the discovery of this connector hidden Lightning points to otherwise.

As you adored, this opens the door, or the less confirms the potential of the diagnostic port to create belts, which extend beyond the autonomy of the Apple Watch, its storage capacity or even add new sensors. The question of course is if Apple will allow in the future some of these uses so that manufacturers of accessories can give free rein to your imagination, or if on the contrary it will be as a mere curiosity.