Temple of Art of Watchmaking: Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva

Geneva is the city where, amongst the international organisations WHO, WTO and UNHCR have their headquarters. She is considered one of the most expensive and most livable cities at all and is one of the world’s most important financial centres. But anyone who visited the lavishly renovated Art Déco building at Plainpalais district on the rue of the Vieux grenadier, immerse yourself in a world where the time has stopped.

And that, although there is hardly any place in the world, complicated such a variety of precious, where and is gathered valuable watches. With the opening of the Patek Philippe Museum 2001 Geneva cemented his aura as one of the world’s leading watch cities once again.

Collections with historic watches

Divided into two collections on four levels, visitors go here on a time travel through 500 years of watchmaking. There is to admire an exquisite selection of the famous luxury watches from the House in 1839 founded House of Patek Philippe. Including the calibre 89: the most complicated portable mechanical watch – 1989 ever built on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Patek Philippe after nine years of development -.

The traditional Patek Philippe Watches are issued on the first floor and divided into 13 categories, depicting the entire history of the House. There are pocket watches from the early years of the watch manufacturer, complex pocket watches with numerous additional functions and rich with gold and precious stones decorated pocket watches in the Art Déco style. And there are the most magnificent pieces of classic Patek Philippe series Gondolo and Calatrava.

Here, the Watch Museum is strictly chronologically. And so it is only consistent visitors there to begin where the watches in hand work to be repaired. By master watchmakers, which can be watched at work. The oldest clocks, around 700 exhibits from the years 1500-1850, are gathered on the second floor.

The historical watches from the beginning of the 16th century reminiscent of a time when people began to be no longer aligned with the Sun or the large central towers. Visitors learn that there is no individual, is to write to the invention of the portable clock, is not even a year.

The imaginative clocks for home use that apply with progression of the Reformation as utility objects rather than as jewellery factory, are impressive. Created by Geneva artisans in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Top, a huge archive with 7000 documents on the history of watchmaking is housed on the third floor of the edifice built in 1919. Including original by Galileo Galilei, and Sir Isaac Newton. Here interested can forget about deep in the fascinating history of watchmaking dive and the time.

One of the top attractions

This outstanding collection attracts many visitors to the Geneva rich in attractions every year. TripAdvisor Internet platform, the watch Museum even on place 2 of the most popular attractions – ranks right behind Lake Geneva.

Patek Philippe Museum
Rue of the Vieux grenadier 7
1205 Geneva
Tel.: + 41 (0) 22/8070910

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday from 14 to 18 h, Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, closed on holidays
Guided tours in French and English every Saturday in German by appointment.