Tag Heuer Connected: Indomitable Smartwatch Titanium?

Conclusion: TAG Heuer trust with its connected as the first luxury watch manufacturer on the Smartwatch market. The Android wear watch strong titanium and Sapphire Crystal offers fed up with performance and features, battery fights against it with the Intel CPU.

It was a matter of time before is the first noble watch brand on the Smartwatch market trust. With the connected TAG Heuer has now taken the plunge. Although the Smartwatch has to do with the usual analog clocks of the manufacturer, the first roll pretty well managed right. Get the TAG Heuer for 1,350 euros solely in the boutiques.

TAG Heuer connected:Noble titanium casing

In the choice of housing materials one notes the TAG Heuer Connected definitely their origin–with still no other Smartwatch from our testing field, we have to date seen titanium as the material. The material is used in various versions: either specially brushed the housing or in the sand-blasted form for the bezel. Who expected a particularly serious chunks of the Smartwatch is wrong:since Titanium is a very lightweight material, the case despite the height of 12.8 mm and 46 mm diameter weighs only 52 grams. Together with the rubber bracelets, it brings the connected on 82 grams. The Smartwatch is waterproof to IP67 certification.

Good facilities with small gaps

Instead other manufacturer on the common Snapdragon-400 processor, TAG Heuer at of connected on an Intel dual core CPU maximum 1.6 GHz sets clock frequency. The watch also gets as up to date only Android Smartwatch 1 GB installed memory, provides storage space 4 GB but like all other Smartwatches for personal data. The performance is consistently compelling, only occasionally creeps in all over little hitch. The built-in TAG Heuer watch faces, about the analog dial, fell us very well.

The connection to the Smartphone comes via Bluetooth 4.1. No phone nearby, is the TAG Heuer picks up also independently information via Wi-Fi connection. With Android wear as the operating system every Android Smartphone OS version 4.3 and now iPhones can be at least iOS 8.2 to connect.
A motion sensor counts your steps, the tilt sensor makes it easier. Via the side-mounted Crown, return a level or access the settings. The 1.5-inch display pleasantly sharp resolves pixels with 360 x 360. The microphone for the Google voice sits on nine o’clock. What’s wrong with the connected however, is an optical pulse sensor, GPS, and a barometer.

Vulnerability battery

In our test lab, the TAG Heuer proved a biggest weak point the runtime. We measure all Smartwatches same principle:every minute the clock receives a message, enable their display and vibrates. Not necessarily equivalent to normal use, allows but a better comparability. In this discipline, the TAG Heuer Connected After about 15 hours assumes the juice – despite 410 mAh large battery. Get here Apple Watch, Sony Smartwatch or that Samsung gear S2 better transit times. You survive a normal working day but without problems.

In addition, the connected costs four places crucial detail in the Leaderboard ranking: The up charging technology. On the watch itself, there is no connection for a standard micro USB cable. Instead, you recharge the Smartwatch about a docking station. After all, the docking via micro-USB is connected. Still, this detour costs four places.

Buying a TAG Heuer, get two

Like every analog TAG Heuer, also the connected has a two-year warranty. The kicker: While an 18,000 euro expensive Apple Watch dying the natural death of the technology after several years, the connected in all TAG Heuer boutiques against a special variant of the Carrera model can be redeem. According to the manufacturer, an analog copy is reserved for each connected vehicles. This mechanical watch has a similar design, is also made of titanium grade 2 and is designed for the owners of the networked clocks and reserved. Their price is also 1,350 euros.

TAG Heuer connected:Alternative

Even when other manufacturers who searches for Smartwatch luxury, ends up at the end of Apple. The Apple Watch shows off depending on the model even with real gold casing and up to 18,000 euros. However, the Apple Watch only with iPhones is compatible and does not understand with Android devices. Features such as force-touch, the rotating Crown or the Mickey Mouse dial are for this unique.