Smartwatch in the Car Use: Enlighten Lawyer Has

The Apple Watch is in the starting blocks and the Smartwatch market comes thanks to various Android-wear devices more and more in the role. In a cul de sac, Smartwatch user could maneuver however, if they the smart ones and want to use partly telephony-enabled wrist watches at the wheel. CHIP online has the Lawyer Christian has asked about the topic.

Smartwatch in car use:legal or not?

For quite some time it is in different EU countries commonplace, that fine penalties for the use of mobile phones or Smartphones are distributed during the drive. On the question of whether a driver may use his Smartwatch at the wheel, Attorney has answers:
«From my point of view is nothing more than a kind of the Smartwatch» extension to the Smartphone «, so that also use a Smartwatch is forbidden while driving.»» Finally resolved this question will be only when the courts to opine. It is certain that as a danger posed by the Smartwatches on the road, such as from a Smartphone”.

With Smartwatch phone:speakerphone is considered by the clock?

Smartwatches like that Samsung gear S swallow your own SIM card, so that you can make calls without a connected phone with another person. This would correspond to a mobile hands-free kit for the car quasi – enlighten lawyer has:
“It’s up to here the specific manner of use. So far it seems that the Smartwatches must be kept very close to the face, to carry a conversation. Such use would be like not having a hands-free system. Ensures that the driver must push a button only briefly to take the conversation and can continue then with both hands in a hands-free system. In the case of the Smartwatch the driver would drive inevitably, with one hand as when holding a cell phone,.”

Calls with Smartwatch:allure theme Smartphone

According to the estimation of Rechstanwalt Christian Solmecke on, the safety on the road is a real controversial issue. The Frankfurt regional court decided in one case (case No.:2/23 O 506/600) in favour of insurance, ENT was not ending for the cost of accident wanted to come up, which caused the driver to reject a call. “After all is also the one who uses a hands-free device, not always on the safe side”, so has.  (dps)