Pebble 2: First Picture of the New Smartwatch Surfaced

Pebble has unofficially confirmed the new version of its Smartwatch. On the Pebble Web page an image has surfaced for a short time, which should show the new Pebble. It seems thus confirmed that the clock as suspected will have a color screen. A classic color display, how’s about obstructed LG, there will be no apparently also continue. Their gel file is rather close on a coloured background lighting, while the display shows only the colors black and white.
Meanwhile, Pebble has removed the image of the clock of your own servers and by the Image of a wrist together with Pebble (English “pebble”) replaced. It remains unclear whether the supposed leak is a clever marketing ploy or but a real misfortune.

Pebble 2: New generation of Smartwatch from Tuesday

Last week the Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has on its website a countdown started, which expires next Tuesday at 4:00 German time. At this point, Pebble should present a new Smartwatch which should eliminate many criticisms of the current model.
Of several unnamed sources want to about 9to5Mac have experienced, that the next generation of the Pebble will have a color screen, the slightly larger than that of the Pebble steel turns out. Pebble wants to hold on to the E-paper technology, touch enabled should not be continued. At the same time the upcoming Pebble model should be thinner than its predecessor. The Pebble Steel measuring 10 millimeters thick and is thus clearly chunky than other Smartwatches according to

Pebble:Control by voice, expanding bracelets

In the new version the Pebble could also get a microphone according to the sources. For the first time, it would be possible to control the clock by voice. New sensors, such as the measurement of the heart rate, will not be in the near future. Instead, Pebble work on a way to extend the clock with smart bracelets additional sensors.
A similar approach to the developers of the Smartwatch Blocks. Aus verschiedenen Elementen sollen Nutzer sich eine Uhr nach den eigenen Bedürfnissen zusammenstecken.

On the revised hardware of the new Pebble, a completely new version of Pebble OS operating system, especially visually reworked also runs according to the report.

Pebble Steel in the practice test

The first pebble and its successor, the Pebble Steel, are so far the only Smartwatches that are compatible with iOS, and in Germany. The practical test We liked the Pebble Steel except for some things very well – a successor this could finally eliminate criticisms.  (dom)