Ordro V360: Smartwatch Fast Chip with Many Features in the Offer

The Ordro V360 is a Smartwatch with a round 1.22-inch display. It makes an exception in the variety of Chinese watches in a way, because it also works with an iPhone. It also offers quite a lot of features for its price.

Hey Siri!

With the Ordro V360, also owners of iPhones can dare a cost-effective insight into the world of the Smartwatches. Because the V360 supports most of its functions on the iPhone and not only on Android devices. This is ensured by the app “Mediatek SmartDevice”. Among other things, your Siri can share commands and use so many features of the Smartphone – save, for example, a note, a call or ask for the nearest ice-cream parlour.

The Smartwatch itself has also to offer a few features from the area of fitness: you can count the steps, analyze the sleep and remind you that you should arise now and then. You can read messages and (without Siri) place calls with her. Also you can use it as a trigger for the camera or remote control for music playback. The most useful feature is that the V360 can display push notifications, so you will be notified when a new WhatsApp message comes or the favorite Club has won.

The watch requires a Smartphone with iOS 7.0 Android 4.4 or each new. The integrated battery pack has a capacity of 320 mAh and the processor comes from Mediatek. It is a MTK2502. The connection to the Smartphone is maintained via Bluetooth 4.0.

Order for 54 euro

Unlike TomTom Runner watch, the Odro V360 is not expensive at all their skills; Just 54 euros want the online mail order Gearbest for it. Although this is because that it is currently on sale, that is a good price for the offered yet.