ORDRO SW16 3 G Vs. K8 3 G: Two Smartwatch Phones from China

So-called “Smartwatch-phones” can be found from manufacturers from the far East such as sand most more. In the following article, we want to introduce two of them with the “ORDRO SW16 3 G” and the “K8 3 G”.

There are large differences in the two Smartwatches rarely, because both 4.4 KitKat is used as software-based Android version, come to the very similar specifications. As can be found in two wearables of the MediaTek-SoC MTK6572, with a dual-core CPU, which is clocked at 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB memory. The difference of the displays is significant: while this is quadratic in the ORDRO SW16, diagonal 1.54 inch measures and resolves with 240 x 240 pixels, it is round at the K8, measures 1.4 inches and with 400 x 400 pixels resolution much higher up.

Heart rate sensor vs. camera

For better resolution, but also a higher price will be charged, because unlike the SW16, in which the price is about 91 dollars, the K8 costs proud 125 dollars. Apparently also more for fitness is designed the latter, because in addition to usual sensors and interfaces such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, which are found in both models, there are above the step counter and above all the heart rate monitor at the K8. Against the clock with the bulky name of the manufacturer to ORDRO seems more for everyday to be designed, for there is even a camera so you can shoot photos with a resolution of 3 MP of the wrist.

Phone on your wrist

What does the term “Phone” in “Smartwatch Phone”, is the support of a SIM card in the watch. As a result, you have to not necessarily trust on your Smartphone in the vicinity that you can phone on the go on the Internet or even with a SIM card and the recommended appropriate flat rate.

You’re not exactly secret agents or detectives need to silently make photos, I would attack personally rather 3 G to the more expensive K8, because I prefer round display, which is also still bemerklich sharper and the heart rate sensor’s indispensable for the sport. Both products can be found at the guys from GearBest.com: here’s to the K8 3 G, here is her the ORDRO SW16 3 G.