Nokia Moonraker: The Smartwatch Gel Stroke Photos

While more and more Smartwatches are announced at the CES 2016, we dedicate ourselves today a Smartwatch, which was removed from the program. Namely the Nokia Moonraker, the new photos in China were gel Act that allow a view of the model.

Nokia Moonraker: Photos gel Act

The Nokia Moonraker was planned as a reply in the Smartwatch market of the Finnish company, until it was acquired by Microsoft. The gel files pictures show a rectangular body model, whose software is still relatively early in the development.

A little the Moonraker is reminiscent of the design LG G watch, which could also await you with a rectangular housing. Previously, only renderings of Nokia Moonraker gel Act been so that the new images in any case provide a better glimpse of the Smartwatch.

Microsoft has pulped project

As can be seen for example that there had been a calendar, emails, messages, taking calls and Facebook on the Moonraker. All no surprises, but quite interesting. Unfortunately, since Microsoft has pulped the project but, we have to give on this Smartwatch.