No. 1 G3 Sports: Smartwatch for Athletes in the Offer

The NO. 1 G3 sports is – as the name it suggests – especially on sportsmen and women who want to control their services with a wearable. It offers sprawling fitness functions and is currently on sale.

Smartwatch for athletes

The No. 1 G3 is not only, but nevertheless especially suitable for athletes. Because she has some clever fitness functions directly integrated, which rather fail at couch potatoes in the square. The G3 can write with how far you went, analyze the sleep, or remind you that you should always get up and move. Just the latter is a great thing especially in the Office, since it usually sits besides the planned breaks – and that’s not good for the back, nor for the rest of the body. In addition, the G3 can measure the proportion of UV in the light and warn to lie in the Sun for too long.

But of course can the No. 1 G3 also the classic Smartwatch functions to perform. It is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 or later on a Smartphone and can then receive calls set off, browse the phone book, refer to messages or remote control music playback.

According to, the Smartwatch has a night vision LED screen, and a round, 1.3-inch screen that is 240 x 240 pixels. It can be expanded via SIM card without a Smartphone on the Internet and via TF card in the store, because it is rather small with 128 MB. The No. 1 G3 is with Android and iOS compatible.

For the Smartwatch sale 52,60 EUR

The No. 1 G3 is now on offer at Gearbest, where it costs just 52,60 EUR. She participates in the Smartphone and Smartwatch-sale, which is due to the celebration of the second anniversary . But the celebrations will end today and the price is expected to rise again.