More Watches, More Emotion: the New Chronos

6 Questions to Rüdiger Bucher, editor-in-chief Chronos

Since 18 March the new Chronos 03.2016 at the kiosk. “New” is to be taken literally: The content concept has been revised as well as cover and design. spoke with editor-in-chief Rüdiger Bucher.

Mr. Bucher, what’s new in the new Chronos? We are setting other priorities in the way we approach the topics and how we present our content. In the past, Chronos focused on technology; Everything else was subordinate. Today we are guided by the Triad brand–design-technology.

What does that mean? Chronos was founded 1992; At a time when all the world was wearing quartz watches. We were the magazine for the small niche of Mechanikfans. The movement with its technical sophistication and beauty was the focus. Today we live in a different world. Readers have different needs. A mechanical work is self-evident today in a luxury. If you want to buy a watch today, orient yourself first to the brand. This is like in fashion or when buying a purchase: You have certain brands in your head where you start looking. And this filtering saves time, too. In the second place is the design. No one buys a watch that is not visually appealing to him, even if the technology inside is still so sophisticated. The technique itself then comes in third place. For example, if you prefer a manufactory to a large-scale production plant or if you become aware of a watch because it offers special additional functions. The technology is different for different types of buyers.

If there are different types of buyers, what about your readers? Our readers are watch buyers. They are also divided into different groups. In the relaunch, we have defined several so-called personas, i.e. ideal reader types. And we have defined a wish for each of these personas, which she has in us as a magazine.

For example? The one would like to see especially many watches. He wants to get an overview of what’s on the market. Another wants to know which brands are the most important. Another one is looking for insider tips. Another wants technical depth: for example, he is interested in how well a new manufactory works.

However, this information has been given to the chronos of their readers earlier. Yes, but we’re doing it more precisely now, because we know who wants something from us. The fact that a topic comes into the booklet and how it is presented there is now less our gut feeling, but a clearly defined strategy–whereby we do not completely eliminate our gut feeling. The important thing is: we offer the reader orientation. Especially today, where the diversity of information is increasing rapidly, but not always the quality of information, our readers learn from a competent source how we assess brands, design and technology. You will find new elements everywhere in the booklet. For example, we give more space to the assessment of brands: for example in a small brand box, which is now found in every test, or in our double-sided brand compass. In the current issue, for example, we explain what the IWC brand is in our view.

All this concerns the content. To what extent has the Chronos changed visually? Watches Live by emotion. One buys an expensive watch not only to read about the time. They are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology, for performance, for design. Clocks that can be worn 1,000 meters and deeper under the water surface or which are extremely solid, lead us into their own world. That inspires, and that’s why we show these worlds in the picture. The old Chronos title with the white background was sure to be recognizable very well. But in the future we will bring more emotional images, so that you can see from outside what is happening inside the booklet.

Chronos 03.2016 is still available until May 26th in the magazine trade. In the meantime, you can also order or download it here.

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